We Plan to Take Our Business Globally

We follow developing technologies and develop new innovative technologies.


We create innovative designs using Adobe XD, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustator and Blender.


We are working on Quantum resilient blockchain using Haskel, JS


We carry out UI/UX studies to ensure the usability and sustainability of our designs.

Web Applications

We have currently sold more than 50 websites and more than 10 projects. We have also undertaken Turkey's first NFT sales location project.

Mobile Applications

We want the applications we make to be usable for mobile users as well. At the same time, we aim to increase the usage rate by making our websites responsive.

Digital Marketing

We work on digital marketing via Google Ads, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. DON'T MISS FUTURE VIDEOS.
BaseCope youtube account

Video Production

We are producing a video series in which we will explain the entrepreneurship ecosystem, blockchain, stock market and the future of NFTs.

Strategic Collaborations

We make strategic collaborations with communities or companies required for CopeTract (Smart Contract System).


To the Changing World With Smart Solution

Our New and Innovative Project CopeTract

Copetract is a multifunctional smart contract system developed using artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Using a simple user interface; The end user can shape the contract clauses according to his wishes; As in commercial contracts (in contracts where money transfer is required), money transfer is provided easily and smoothly, no one can access the contract except with the permission of the parties, and it is stored securely; Problems in smart contracts have been resolved; It is a platform where individuals and businesses can claim their (brand) rights.